Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Product Review: Headsweats Supervisor

Sometimes, some things are so obvious and apparent that they go unnoticed.

That's how I feel when I ask myself why I haven't done a review of a product that I've used (near daily) for years now.  On 100% of my training runs, oftentimes backwards on the trainer, in races, on paddleboards, and oftentimes just around town - I can be found wearing a Headsweats visor more often than not.

FOREWARNING:  I am in the Headsweats ambassador program - so this is will obviously be a positive review (why would I be an ambassador for a product I didn't like?).  However, I have to say that I went to Headsweats to apply for this program (since I used the product daily and truly believed in it) and was absolutely stoked to get accepted to it.  So, with that said, please realize that while I an ambassador for this product - it is a product I've used for years (well before I became an ambassador or even knew that they had a program) and would give a stellar review of anyway.

My backstory:  When working out, I've ALWAYS been a sweater.  A very heavy sweater.  An extremely heavy sweater.  It was to the point where sweat would get into my eyes, sting, and inhibit my run.  That badly.

It was like rain whenever I did anything active.
I tried nearly everything.  Headbands, bandannas, hats, etc - and nothing seemed to work - I still had sweat pouring down on my face, getting into my eyes.  It made running a miserable experience (although that didn't stop me).

My solution came one day when I got a free piece of race SWAG in a goodie bag for a half marathon I was doing.  It was a Headsweats visor.  I remember slapping it on, using it on my run, and being shocked at how dry my face generally was.  It was the solution to my problem!

And it's been the solution ever since.  Since then, I've owned COUNTLESS visors from Headsweats and used them near daily on all of my runs and races.  The only time I am not wearing one in a race is if it's a short enough race that I won't be sweating much (i.e. a one mile race) or if it's a triathlon and I've forgotten it in transition (some of the shorter tris that I might be in).

On the run portion of a triathlon with a Headsweats visor

In any case, it's a product I truly believe in and feel would be a benefit to anyone who is active.  Not to mention that, but they look pretty cool too!  Anywho, on to the review:

As with all my reviews - I use what I call CCPP - "Crappy Cell Phone Pictures".  I feel this does two things:  1)  it gives readers a look at the actual item in lieu of the showcase photos that you see on manufacturer's websites and 2) it's incredibly easy for me rather than setting up lighting and begging my wife to take photos.

For this review, I elected to use the plain white visor in an effort to illustrate the visor itself (without logos from a race, fancy lettering or triathlon logos, or anything else taking attention away from the product).

There's several features I love about this visor (and pretty much all of Headsweats visors):

Elastic Band -  This is one of the best features you'll see on the visors (and some of the hats) Headsweats makes.  What makes this so good is that it allows a customizable fit - regardless if you have a gigantic melon for a head like I do - or if you have a normal sized head like my wife does.  Unless you're Beetlejuice (when his head got shrunk), these visors will fit you and fit you comfortably.  The elastic does a very good job in stretching to just the right distance to create a perfect fit for your head, which equates into comfort.  Oftentimes, you won't notice that the visor is even on your head - which means it's doing its job perfectly.
Elastic band offers a wide range of adjustability.
The elastic is pretty durable as well.  I get quite a bit of usage out of a visor (even if I run in one specific visor and do not switch them out).  Over extended, extended periods of time (as in - a visor that I used on its own for six months, shelved, and then brought out for a run a year after the fact) - I've noticed that the visor does have a tendency to stretch a bit.  Not enough to render the visor useless - but enough for it to be noticeable.  However, keep in mind that this was one visor (and I have dozens), so that definitely hasn't been the norm.

Visor Material - The material on the "head" of the visor is comfortable against the forehead - to the point where you don't even notice that it's there (which is a good thing).  Even after long hours of wicking away sweat - it's still comfortable and doesn't scratch or irritate the forehead.

The exterior of the visor is made from a durable material that doesn't scratch or tear easily.  Most of my visors look pretty much new - even after a ton of use.  I think this is a testament to just how well made these visors are.  

Outside of the durability - the visor just flat out looks cool.  

Functionality - The visor is extremely functional.  Most of the visors I have have some form of reflective accents on them - which is pretty useful when running.  Anything to make myself more visible is a plus in my book. 

In addition, the brim is positioned in a way that allows the visor to be ridden with a low profile while still wearing eyewear (sunglasses, prescription, etc).  This is extremely important for me - as eye wear is a must for me on any race over 10k.

Just the right amount of coverage and still remains low profile.

The Headsweats logo embroidered.

Reflective accents can be found across the visor.

I would rate this visor as a "must have" for any endurance athlete.  I find I use mine daily on nearly every run that I do, and oftentimes I'll throw one on backwards while riding my bike trainer in my garage.  I've also worn these backwards on runs to hold a headlamp in place if I'm doing a long distance trail run and the sun isn't quite out yet.  The band works perfect for that.

Headsweats created the perfect solution to control sweat for the endurance athlete.  I would highly recommend this, or any of their other products (they make some pretty sweet cold weather beanies and some nice hats too).

Check them out at the Headsweats website and use code LAMB25 for 25% off of your order.

Headsweats Performance Beanie.  Great for chilly morning runs.

Baby approved!

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  1. I agree about the low profile brim on the visor! Sunglasses are a must for me as well. Headsweats are the only visors I can wear that don't bother me while wearing glasses. Your baby is cute! Look forward to getting to know you this year as part of the Headsweats team. Cheers!