Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Leadman Epic 250

So after some mulling and some back and forth, I've decided that my "A Race" in triathlon this year will be the Leadman Epic 250 presented by Lifetime Fitness.

It's somewhat of an odd choice for me, mainly because my main strength lies within the run (and the run is the least focused of the three disciplines in this race).  However, I think that's actually what drew me to the race in the first place.  The challenge of having to focus on my "weaker legs" is something I not only accept, but relish in.  So the challenge to myself is the driving force.

Oh...and the fact that I want to get one of these:

I swear, I'll be wearing that belt buckle with sweatpants when I get one.  :)  (I'll be satisfied with the little one, but will aim to earn the bigger buckle).

We'll see how it plays out.  It's over 9 months away on September 21st, 2013 - so I have plenty of time (and then some).

Here's a preview that professional triathlete Matt Lieto did on the course last year.


  1. Good luck on the training for that, now you have me looking at doing it.

  2. Thanks Nathan. Bend is such a beautiful place and I couldn't think of a better distraction from tired legs than the scenery it offers. :)